More About Product

Weight of Machine
4.5 Kg

Size of Machine
30cm x 22.5cm x 15cm

Power Consumption
Less Than 30W


Kasya as is bronze known in Sanskrit or Hindi stands next to gold and silver in the field of sports awards .The medals of these metals are used to honour winners according to merit.In India a kasa bowl is given to the girl in her marriage . This ritual is followed in most of the Indian communities.This metal kasya or kasa is an alloy of two metals copper(Cu) and Tin (Sn) in a particular proportion and in our ancient ayurvedic texts it’s use is recommended for reducing the excess heat from the human body. It is advised that cow ghee be rubbed on the foot sole at night before sleep. This induces a calm and peaceful sleep as if the brain is switched off . In many places they use kasa utensils for cooking , dining , for puja and other rituals.

For its melodious sound kasa is used to make temple bells and cymbals (Zanj). Due to its high hardness it was being used to make guns in Spain and Portugal . In Russia they used kasa for making church bells.In India kasa is used for making bowls ,thalis and Zanj . Many a times you may land into buying a brass bowl instead of genuine kasa bowl because both metals appear similar except that kasa has a little reddish tinge .In Ayurvedic texts in India Padabhyang is prescribed for many ailments.

Do's and Don't With Machine

* Make sure that your house wiring is provided with earthing.

* Sit in a relaxed position.

* Do not put your weight on the dish.

* Do not stand on the machine.

* Do not pull the machine by its cable.

* Do not hold rubber bidding to lift the machine.

* Do not use dry dish , put sufficient ghee on the dish to avoid friction between foot and the dish but not so much that it will spill onto the machine.

* Massage only one foot at a time.

* Do not try to lubricate the dish bearing .If you have any wounds on the foot-sole do not use the machine.


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