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Mrs. Marathe

I had to undergo Chemotherapy treatment in July 2015 , after the first two chemos I lost almost 50% of my hair.Then one of my wellwishers told me that there is a machine to massage ghee on the foot soles which will reduce the unbearable heat produced in the body due to the treatment. I immediately procured the machine called “Ayushmaan ” from Novella Industries and started using it in the morning and night .Afterwards I underwent 4 more chemo treatments and I felt very Comfortable .And to my great surprise the hairloss had reduced to such an extent that I did not have to cover my head nor had I to use wig . I am so glad this machine was available . Many many thanks to Novella Industries .

Mr. Anthony D'Souza

I had almost forgotten that I can sleep without an alcoholic drink in the night . But since the time I have started foot massage with “ Ayushmaan ” foot massager I sleep like a baby ,without any break in throughout the night . since last six months I have stopped using alcohole for sleep , and I feel very fresh when I wake up in the morning . Thank you Mr Saraf and thank you Novella .

Mr. Jain

Being a chartered accountant , my work tires my brain and eyes and I used to feel exhausted even when I woke up in the morning .One day I read about the Foot Massage by Ayushman foot Massager machine on the notice board of our society and orderd the machine . After using the machine just for half an hour on the day I purchased it I got such a sound sleep that I almost jumped out of the bed in the morning and started making tea as I brushed my teeth .(This was my habit a few years back which I had almost forgotten .) And by the time I served the cup of tea to my wife she was already on phone talking to Mr Saraf and thanking him . I am so glad that such an Ayurvedic treatment and the machine is available . I have no hesitation In recommending this foot massager for ane and all .

Mrs . Rupa Deshpande

I have been using the Ayushmaan Foot Massager for last 8 to 10 months . I had a kasa wati since my marriage given by my mother in the marriage and I was using it to massage cow ghee on feet whenever I had burning feet or burning eyes . But many times I avoided the ritual inspite of knowing the advantages . Now that this foot massager is available I do this massage every night before going to bed . This has helped me a lot in focussing mind on the job and the work at hand and my boss has now no complaints too . In fact the first machine I bought was flicked away by one of my friends –a big Industrialist in Pune --- and I had to buy another machine .

Mrs. Neha

I have been using the “ Ayushmaan ” foot massager right from its development stage as I was the subject for trials . Whenever I massaged my feet with cow ghee by using the foot massager I felt as if my skin has started glowing and I used to go and look in the mirror if it has . Over a period I have noticed a big change in my complexion and my hair also has become glowing and bouncy . One of my friends who has her hubby in Dubai bought the Ayushmaan machine and gifted to the husband as he had lot of health problems due to the high temperatures there . And he has found it very useful too .

Mrs. Sunanda Deshpande

I had been a diabetic for last 5 years but last year my blood sugar shot up and had problem with my vison . I could not read documents and had to take leave fromm office and sit at home . This was a fina cial loss as well as a trauma . My Ayurvedic doctor friend suggested to rub cow ghee on foot- sole with a kasa bowl . My daughter used to do this job for me every night ( at the cost of her C.A. studies). And I found some improvement in my vison . Then we learned about the Ayushmaan foot massager , procured one and started using every day . Within a month my blood sugar came down and the vison improved to almost 75 % of what it was . I joined back the office and enjoying my work again . Thanks to Ayushmaan .

Mr. Murthi

At the outset let me congratulate Novella Industries for their brilliant product AYUSHMAAN. It is a simple and indeed very useful product. We are all aware of healing power of 'kasa' for ages. Massaging by a kasa bowl is widely being practised but mostly with the help of others. I found AYUSHMAAN is designed to operate by any individual without external help. I am totally free while massaging my toes and utilise the time for reading, writing, listening music or watching TV. It is a heavy duty machine and safe to operate by any age group. I am a regular user of AYUSHMAAN and enjoy good sleep, free from joint pain and maintain cool brain. Also , AYUSHMAAN is ideal for people living abroad where it is difficult to get domestic help. I would strongly recommend AYUSHMAAN which is definitely a value for money product. I am available at 9869244429 or grmmrm@gmail.com.


Hair loss nausea tasteless mouth was a nightmare for me and on top of that may nails started getting blackish due to chemotherapy. I had already heard about AYUSHMAAN ,the kasya foot massager , procured one and was using it regularly to a great relief in hairloss . I decided to try it on my hands ,though it was not recommended anywhere . I started massaging my palms with cow ghee on the kasya disk of the machine,hoping against hope that my nails will again get their original pink . And as my willpower would have it, my nails started getting pink in a week . I was overjoyed and could not help sending photographs of my nails to Mr Saraf. Thanks AYUSHMAAN, Thanks a lot .

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