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Novella Industries brings out a product called "Ayushmaan Foot Massager" which follows the ancient Indian system of remedies. This Product is an automatic tool for practicing a traditional manual method of rubbing or massaging the sole or undersurface of the foot with a ‘Kasya bowl’. The practice of rubbing the sole or undersurface of the foot with cow ghee with a ‘Kasya bowl’ is being used for several generations in India. As per Ayurveda, this practice helps to remove excess heat from the body and rejuvenates the ‘Nadis’ in your body. In today’s western world, people spend considerable sums of money to get this kind of massage in Spas and Salons. ‘Kasya’ is a Sanskrit name of the metal alloy similar to Bronze. This Kasya or Kasa metal is an alloy of copper (Cu) and Tin (Sn) in a particular proportion. In our ancient Ayurvedic texts, it is advised that cow ghee be rubbed on the foot sole at night before bedtime with Kasya bowl. This is recommended for removing the excess heat from the human body to induce a calm and peaceful sleep. In fact this practice of ‘Padabhyang’ is prescribed for many other ailments as well. It is beneficial for stress relief, pacifying a disturbed mind, developing a strong immune system, a radiant skin and good eyesight. “Kasyam buddhivardhakam”, says ‘Bhavprakash’, an ancient text of Ayurveda. This means Kasya foot massage helps to improve the intellectual faculties or the IQ. Several people have experienced Kasya foot massage benefits in Alzheimer, sciatica, dementia, insomnia, hair fall and early graying of hair. Human body consists of kapha, vaata and pitta as per Ayurvedic theory. And this Kasya massage does the important work of balancing these ‘Tridoshas’. According to Ayurveda there are 72000 ‘Nadis’ in a human body, and most of them end in the hands and feet. Hence rubbing cow ghee with Kasya bowlonto the foot soles is a simple but highly effective and low cost home remedy for many ailments. Why then such a simple remedy is neglected by all of us? The reason is simple. Rubbing cow ghee on the foot sole manually with Kasya bowl is an extremely tedious and tiring process. In the olden days wives used to do this job for their husbands, or ‘Bahus’ (daughter in laws) used to do this rather unpleasant job for their father or mother in laws. But in these modern times, this is no more a practical option.

Novella Industries has come out with “Ayushmaan foot massager” to make this job of ghee massaging on foot sole with Kasya bowl, convenient, easy and effortless. In this automatic machine, ‘Kasya bowl’ (with special contour to suit foot profile) is rotated at a slow speed by an electric motor. You need to just put a little cow ghee onto your foot sole and then place your foot on the rotating ‘Kasya bowl’ for about 10 to 15 minutes. The foot sole massage is effortlessly done to the undersurface of your foot by the rotating Kasya bowl of the machine. The size of Ayushmaan foot massager is very compact (30 cmx 22.5 cmx 15 cm), and it can be stored easily under the bed or in any small place. The weight of the machine is about 4.5 kg. The electricity consumption of the machine is less than that of a 40 watt tube light. Many people who have used Ayushmaan foot massager are all praise for the simplicity and convenience it offers for achieving long term health benefits.

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