य एव देहस्य समा विवृद्धये त पव दोषा विषमा वधाय । यस्मादतस्ते हितचर्ययैवं क्षयाद्विवृद्धेरिव रक्षणीयाः

The very same Doshas, which when normal, are the causes for growth of the body, become the causes for its destruction when abnormal. Hence by adopting suitable measures, the body should be protected from their decrease and increase.

About The Product

  • “Bhavprakash” a text in Ayurveda says “ kasyam budhhivardhakam ” which means it helps increase your IQ. In a human body there are 72000 nadis according to ayurveda and most of them end in the hands and feet. Hence rubbing cow ghee onto feet soles is a simple ,highly effective and low cost homeremedy for many ailments. Why then such a simple remedy is neglected by us ? The reason is --- it is a tedious and tiring process . In the olden days wives used to this job of ghee rubbing for the husbands or Bahus (daughter -in -laws ) used to do this rather unpleasant job for their father or mother- in- law . But in the new world of women’s lib movement one doesn’t feel like forcing this job onto women in the house. Doing the treatment by our own hand is also cumbersome and hence generally avoided . But for those who can have this massage should have it and keep majority of illnesses at bay.

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